Best Practices for Therapeutic Breast Massage

Best Practices for Therapeutic Breast Massage


Breast self-examinations give women the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their own anatomy. It’s not simply about searching for a lump. There are subtle changes that can indicate a potential problem. And the more familiar you are with your own breasts – the normal consistency of exterior and underlying tissues, the nipples, and the general feel of the skin – the more likely you are to notice if something changes. Breast massage takes things a little further. Here’s why it’s worth doing, and a few best practices for therapeutic breast massage. 

Massaging Your Breasts – An Act of Health 

Breast massage is a good way to perform regular self-examinations, but there are other benefits to feeling yourself up. Manual massage is a great way to help drain stagnant lymph fluid and boost circulation. Getting hands-on can also reduce breast tenderness and swelling related to hormones. 

This kind of breast massage is both practiced and encouraged across Europe, and Arôms Natur Skincare developed its own natural breast firming oil so women could enjoy the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

We also recognized that while many American women dutifully perform regular breast exams, they aren’t nearly as familiar with therapeutic breast massage. Here’s how to get started. 

  1. Start with a scrub. Prepare your breasts with a gentle scrub. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, revealing a balanced, fresh and smooth layer underneath. Exfoliating also removes excess oil and increases the skin’s ability to absorb moisturizer – something the delicate décolletage desperately needs. Sugar may not be good for the waistline or teeth, but it’s heaven sent for silky soft skin! It is a gentle exfoliant, a natural humectant (actively drawing moisture to the skin for hydration), and rich in glycolic acid, which repairs aged or sun-damaged skin. 

In the tub or shower, apply your scrub with gentle pressure in an upward circular motion (and for goodness sake, avoid the delicate nipple area). Rinse well, as sugar residue can cause irritation.  

  1. Hydrate and massage. Strip down to the waist and massage Love Your Breasts massage oil to your breasts, all the way up to the armpits. Cup the opposite breast and pectoral muscle with your hand and gentle squeeze with a gentle, rhythmic pumping movement. Repeat the same motion as you gradually move your hand to the outside of your breast, and then to the underside and inner part. Alternate this motion with fingertip circles. Visualize moving fluid toward your armpit, and focus on upward motions. 

The best time to examine your breasts is a few days after the beginning of your menstrual cycle. If you’ve already begunmenopause , choose a specific date to check your breasts every month. We recommend the first day of the month, “Feel it on the first” and we always post a reminder on our Instagram page (#aromsnaturskincare)! If you’re just getting started, we recommend using our  toxin-free, all natural Love Your Breasts breast massage oil on a daily basis to see and feel results in 28 days.  

Feel a Lump? Don’t Panic 

Therapeutic breast massage doubles as a self-examination. If you notice any changes, like a thickening of the breast tissue in one area or a lump, don’t panic. Most breast lumps – more than 80% – aren’t cancer. They can appear in relation to your period, when you finish breastfeeding, or as you near menopause. 

These lumps can range in size from small to large and feel hard or squishy. Many are harmless cysts filled with fluid. Some women have thicker breasts than others, which can contribute to a feeling of lumpiness. A benign tumor orcystcan also cause lumpiness. It’s a good idea to inform your doctor about any changes to your breasts. 

Make it a Habit 

Developing a habit of therapeutic breast massage turns a monthly chore into a relaxing ritual you can enjoy nightly. European women have been practicing this kind of wellness for years, and Arôms Natur Skincare is hoping to inspire American women to follow suit. Follow these best practices for therapeutic breast massage, and reap the many benefits. 

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