Anatomy of the Breast for Breast Health

As a woman, it is safe to say that we tend to only worry about the big things and take the other smaller things for granted. When you think of big things, your children, your bills, and probably even your appearance are the first to come to mind. Although each of these are quite important in their own rite, we want to take a moment to discuss something else: your breast health. Good breast health is something that is in the back of most of our minds but may not always get the attention that it deserves. It’s okay ladies-- you’re not alone. Many of us are guilty of not taking our breast health as seriously as we should. That is where we come in. We’re here to bridge that gap between where you are in your self-care routine, and where you want to be. Before we can get deep into some breast health tips, first things first. Keep reading to learn more about the anatomy of the breast so that you can have better breath health and breast cancer awareness.

Crash Course in Breast Anatomy 101 for Breast Health

Now I know what you may be thinking. Why do I need to know about the anatomy of the breast in order to properly care for it? Isn’t just basic breast cancer awareness enough for good breast health? The answer is simple: if you truly want to appreciate and get to know something, you have to understand the why behind it.  That includes the anatomy of your breasts ladies. Don’t worry, we’ll make this breast health lesson as painless as possible. Let’s start with the fact that breasts aren’t even really called breasts in the medical field. The correct term is actually mammary glands.

The mammary gland (breast) is made of lobules, ducts, fatty breast tissue, an areola, and a nipple. The lobules are the glands that produce your milk when you’re pregnant. Each of your lobules drain into your ducts which is a system that gets the milk to the nipple. Around each nipple is the areola which secretes a fluid to keep the nipple lubricated during breast feeding. Last but not least, your fatty breast tissue is spread throughout these glands. If you don’t remember anything else, remember that the breast tissue is what the focus is when doing self-care rituals and daily massage rituals.

Self-care Rituals and Daily Massage Rituals for Breast Health

Now, we know you didn’t think that we’d give you this whole breast cancer awareness lesson without providing you with some tips you can use to take care of yourself, did you?  In case you did not know, doing daily massage rituals can eliminate toxins that are damaging to your breast tissue. In other words, properly kneading and stroking your breasts as a daily massage ritual can promote circulation, break up cysts, and even strengthen the muscle tissue. Love Your Breast Daily Massage Oil has the ideal composition of cold pressed oils and essential oils for this exercise. The best self-care rituals for breast health are performed when you’re in a comfortable position such as lying down or standing up in the shower. Using gentle strokes, massage your breasts in a circular, upward motion to get the dual benefit of preventing the cursed droopy breast syndrome which seems to come with age.  

Knowledge is power and preventing breast cancer by way of self-care rituals and daily massage rituals is the best way to combat the disease. We know you’re busy ladies, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make you a priority and start taking your breast health seriously today to prevent breast cancer!  

Do you have more questions about breast health that we did not cover? Tell us about it in the comments!

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