Perk Up! 6 Tips to Avoid Sagging Breasts

Perk Up! 6 Tips to Avoid Sagging Breasts 

For many women, femininity is directly tied to our breasts. Development during adolescence is intrinsically linked to fertility, and breasts continue to change throughout the reproductive years and into menopause. For better or for worse, we have an ever-changing relationship with our breasts. It’s evident in the many nicknames and slang terms we use in reference to them – anyone else call them “the girls?” Keeping them supported is one of the most important ways to keep your breasts healthy and perky. But as we age, and gravity begins to take its toll, here are six tips to help avoid sagging breasts. 

First, The Facts 

Breast health is often overlooked until an issue comes up – tenderness related to our cycle, a lump, or the sudden realization that our breasts aren’t as high and full as they once were. As women age and particularly following menopause, it’s normal for breast tissue to soften, lose density, and become fattier. You can chalk it up to decreased estrogen production, which affects skin texture and elasticity. Menopause can also take a toll on breast size and shape, which is often noticeable in the loss of fullness 

So what can be done? We can’t fight gravity, and no one can stop the body from aging. And while there’s no way to completely reverse sagging breasts, there are ways to fight and delay it. In addition to wearing a supportive bra that’s appropriate to the activity (sports bras are your best friend for things like spin class or tennis!)here’s what you can do to avoid sagging breasts. 

Tip 1Practice Regular Breast Massage 

The value of regular breast massage is becoming more and more established. In addition to the importance of familiarizing yourself with your breasts for continued health, regular massage can help: 

  • Increase blood and lymph circulation 
  • Reduce breast tissue congestion 
  • Offer relief from breast pain 
  • Improved posture and upper body range of motion 

Accompanying your breast massage with the right product, like Arôms Natur Skincare’s daily breast firming oil, can also improve the texture of your breasts. It was developed for use in beauty salons across Europe, where therapeutic breast massage is both practiced and encouraged. We know that breast massage isn’t as common in the US, which is why Arôms Natur Skincare created a thorough breast massage ritual to help women get started. 

Tip 2: Hit the Gym 

Breasts are located on top of the pectoral muscle. And while strength- training exercises that target the chest muscles don’t directly affect the fatty tissue of the breasts, there is still a benefit. Strengthening muscles in the chest, shoulders, back, and core can help reduce the appearance of sagging breasts thanks to toned musculature and better posture. Plus, regular exercise can help women avoid major weight fluctuations, which also tends to affect breast shape. Just don’t forget that sports bra! 

Tip 3: Sleep on Your Back 

Sleeping on your side exposes your breasts to gravity, and gravity means stretched ligaments that can lead to sagging. More bad news for side sleepers – pressing half of your face against the pillow all night long can contribute to wrinkles! 

Do what you can to modify your sleeping habits. Sleep on your back (a pillow tucked behind the knees will keep you from rolling over), and wear a soft cup bra for a little extra support. 

Tip 4: Slather on the SPF 

Just as antioxidants can help keep skin supple and elastic, harmful chemicals called free radicals can cause damage and increase the appearance of wrinkles and sag. One big source of those free radicals?Ultraviolet rays, which can break down skin’s stretchy layers of elastin fibers. The more sun exposure you rack up, the more free radical damage you might have. And as conscientious as many of us are with sunscreen for our faces, we tend to be far less diligent about our delicate décolletageGet in the habit of slathering on the sunscreen. And here’s an indulgent tip – after a day in the sun, hydrate delicate skin on the breasts and upper torso with the nourishing and firming natural oils in Love Your Breasts. 

Tip 5: Quit Smoking 

On top of all the other harmful – and downright deadly – effects of smoking, it’s bad for your breasts! A2008 studyin theAesthetic Surgery Journalfound that women who smoked were more likely to experience breast droopiness after pregnancy. Interestingly, the study was actually designed to see if breastfeeding had an affect on breast aesthetics. (The conclusion? Contrary to popular belief, it does not.) Smoking can also causecollagenin the skin to break down, which contributes to sagginess. 

Tip 6: There’s Always Surgery 

If you can’t find peace with your sagging breasts – and it’s too late to try these tips to help avoid the issue – there’s always breast surgery. A mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, involves having excess skin removed and surrounding tissue tightened. In fact, since 2000, the surgery has grown in popularity by 70%, outpacing breast implants by half. 
After surgery and during recovery, a good massage oil can do wonders. Love Your Breasts contains high quality essential oils, which can help reduce the appearance of scarring. Plus, regular massage will help you keep those newly perky breasts supple and high. 

The Takeaway 

Aging is inevitable, and there’s something to be said for aging gracefully. But sagging breasts aren’t a foregone conclusion. Regular breast massage, consistent exercise, healthy habits, and proper skincare all play a role in keeping your breasts perky. Pair these tips with an indulgent firming oil, and your girls will thank you! 

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