Inspired by the Mediterranean and using the purest botanical oils, Arôms Natur creates toxin-free formulas made by women for women. 

 Our goal is to empower women to embrace holistic, intimate and uplifting self-care rituals with luxurious, safe and highly effective products. 


Our products are designed by women for women, with a holistic approach.  At Arôms Natur we combine aromatherapy and botany to create formulas that nurture your body as well as your inner self. 

Our formulators have been studying botany and aromatherapy for decades. The aromatic essential oils in our products are carefully selected and blended into the formulas to target women’s unique body and life cycles, uplifting your mood and providing comfort and balance.

To make sure that the essential oils we use yield the intended therapeutic, mood-lifting and emotional benefits, our team only sources oils with the E.O.B.B.D. label or essential oils that have been certified and vetted by third-party experts for their therapeutic quality, potency, and effectiveness.

We hope that you embrace and savor the aroma-therapeutic benefits of our oils by engaging in intimate and holistic personal rituals every day for a centered, content and confident you!


Made in Europe, our toxin-free products comply with the most rigorous safety standards established by the European Union. While the EU has banned more than 1,300 ingredients from personal care products, only a total of 30 ingredients have been prohibited in the United States. 

Our oils are crafted using unrefined first cold pressed virgin oils, plant extracts, certified and therapeutic-grade essential oils and macerated plants. No GMO’s, alcohol, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, hormones, parabens, petroleum derivatives, silicone, and synthetic chemicals will ever be used in our formulas. All of our products are toxin-free. 

Within the framework of EU regulations, Arôms Natur employs thorough quality control processes to guarantee the safety, superior quality and consistency of our products. From the sourcing of raw materials to the development of our formulations, to the crafting of our oils, we use comprehensive protocols to ensure we serve you with the most potent, sustainably sourced and safe products.  

Because we believe in our social responsibility towards the wellbeing of the earth, Arôms Natur is committed to sustainability in all of our sourcing practices. We engage in zero animal testing. Only plant-based, vegan ingredients are ever used.


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At Arôms Natur, we promote open and honest conversations about the female body, empowering women. We draw inspiration from Mediterranean women and their openness regarding their bodies and their sexuality. 

As we embark on our mission to inspire women to embrace holistic, intimate and uplifting self-care rituals, we hope you become part of our story. 

By supporting women, embracing and openly discussing our experiences and intimate needs, we aim to come together to celebrate our bodies, our sexuality and ourselves.