I am Dora Lacey, the founder of Arôms Natur Skincare. A lifetime of issues “below the belt” and a genuine desire to help women like me led me to launching Arôms Natur Skincare in the US.  This is my story.

I was living in Spain when I started having chronic UTI’s. Unbearable pain and discomfort had me at the gynecologist every month. Following 6 months of no relief, I learned I had developed a urethral abscess, a very rare condition. After surgery, my doctor recommended a blend of natural botanical oils, made in Spain, designed to moisturize and hydrate the external genital area. I learned that if the vulva is kept hydrated with the right products, it is less prone to inflammation and irritation that lead to UTI’s. My doctor also stressed the importance of only using products without any toxic ingredients or chemicals since these irritate and hurt the vulva. Using this product made all the difference to me!  Several years later, I have not had additional problems with dryness, irritation or UTI’s. 
Moving back to the United States was eye-opening. I wanted to find a natural intimate moisturizing oil that was free of toxins – similar to what had saved me in Spain. To my surprise, it wasn’t available anywhere. Arôms Natur intimate oil is not only totally clean, clinically tested and shown to work on the majority of respondents of a clinical trial but it has been adopted by women in Europe for decades. This was incredibly powerful to me knowing that women are particularly careful about what they use in their most intimate parts. 
As I became determined to help women like me,  make this tested, completely natural, safe and effective product available in the USA, I found two good friends and now co-founders to accompany me on the journey. We approached Arôms Natur about introducing their product in the US. I am so grateful the company agreed!

Arôms Natur Skincare US Team: Dora S. Lacey, Founder (right), and Co-Founders Gildren Alejandro (center) and Denise Davila-Izurieta (left). 

We want women to feel good about themselves as they engage in self-care routines. One of my lessons was understanding that I had to treat my intimate skin with the same consistent and preventive approach that I treat my face and general skin. I became convinced of the need for products that are safe and toxin-free but with the same high-quality ingredients, beautiful packaging and high-level performance of prestige facial products.

Along the journey, it became evident that many women are reluctant to discuss their sexual health and the changes they experience as women. Vulvar and vaginal dryness affects women with diabetes, thyroid disease, breast, and ovarian cancer patients and survivors as well as peri and menopausal women. Yet many suffer in silence and don’t even talk to their doctors about it. The impact of this can be devastating to women’s wellness, health and confidence. 

Empowering women to have open and honest conversations about their bodies and their experiences along with inspiring women to celebrate their bodies quickly became our mission.

I invite you to try my products and to share your story with me and others. Let’s help make feminine sexual health and wellness a thing! Let’s create a revolution!

All of Arôms Natur's products are hand-crafted in the premises of our 40-year-old family-owned and operated business. See below for a video showing how our products are personally assembled by our team.